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The true story of pokemon!

Pokémon are strange creatures, which will replace the existing fauna on the planet, shattering the theory of God.

there is no evidence that they can successfully mate with their distant relatives Digimon yet. It is experiencing about it.

As there is not much information yet, some argue that simply does not agree with the theory that dinosaurs and dogs existed, making these strangers in a myth. Others claim that the adventure takes place in a not too distant future, in which an insemination of extraterrestrial life occurs on earth, extinguishing the existing species; all except human, which manages to tame the new beings. Others suggest it is just a parallel to the theory of the origin of life by spontaneous creation possibility.
The story itself does not have much history. a 10 or 11 years, foreign medium and obsessed with Pokemon (the degree of suffering the disease named pokefilia) is.
The boy is called Ash Ketchup, and wanted to become a Pokemon Master, extinguiéndolos, say .. trapping them all.

This boy goes on a journey, with the excuse to fuck, ahem say .. capture any pokemon that crosses along the way; when actually leaves home early because your mom is a bitch bitch pig who wants to get involved with Professor Oak, say .. illnesses suffered by his mother.

The boy, curiously, no father. There are several theories about who is dealing: some say it was marine, and would have been part of the squad of Vietnam. Others claim it is a gray-haired professor and grandfather Oak. There are even people who risk that in fact his father is the head of Team Rocket (unfinished Teorias due to the hectic life of the mother), for my ash was born a partuza between brock, and two geese team rocket, James and butch

To begin the journey, you have to meet a scientist, also pokefílico lover Pokémon (see http://www.pokexxx.com/Oak12/videos), which is dedicated to studying them and raise them so that you give your own. As the distribution was late, awarded him the last remaining, the most stupid and poor, which was only able to repeat a word in 3 different shades.
This was a mangy yellow rat heart and skillful manipulator of minds, the teacher pulled from wires that was chewing. His name was Pikachu, and from that moment, would be his supreme master cheerful companion. In addition to the diseases suffered, this mouse is highlighted by a signature powers, which have all Pokémones. This could discharge electricity through their cheeks.

As Ash advances his journey, he meets “friends” who will join the trip by mere interest. One is Misty, a spoiled and bad hair girl, who was obsessed to follow the “hero” just for the money he owed when the bike broke. He was also a strange brown board that has no eyes, called Brock, who is terribly obsessed with breasts pokemones. He was expelled from his village by pokefílico pedophile, when he was found in the middle of a pokeorgía along his 7 younger brothers, who then leaves with his evil father. It is noteworthy that Ash is a disgusting and ambitious unhappy when bored of her companion exchanged for another stupidest and curvona, among them is May a cock that has stupid Pokémones that only serve to enter contests pokémon since they are obviously arranged by their enemies are disgustingly arrogant homosexuals but discarded because it falls in love with a metrosexual green-haired and separate it, tired of sexual exploitation actidud Ash, it will travel with a gay with bad fashion taste. So he got another stupidest still called Down (as it has this syndrome) and who is 10 years but what the miniskirt below says otherwise.

Obviously, a series would not be complete without an enemy. Here are a trio of complexed with clothes and hairstyles 70 out of series, which are accompanied by a Pokémon – Talking Cat, and is the same beast that their owners. Also he has another enemy, who is Gary, pacifist, less sick, and more successful than the failed Ash.
The origin
It is assumed that the story told by pokemon occurs in the not too distant future.
A track of this mass extinction is when a chapter, Ash’s mom says, “Look, pokemon type dog!”. This demonstrates our theory that ever existed in the past dogs.
During the last few years has used the theory Deterministic of Pokémon, which states:

It does not matter how you are, there is at least one Pokémon you look like

Studies have shown this theory with more or less success, but certainly we proceed to show is the most irrefutable proof of how many have been collected. This simple diagram clearly shows the deterministic theory of Pokémon, and therefore lies Darwin should be understood as obsolete, and humanity must accept that Pokémon comes from not simian. (Bueeeno, actually proceeding monkeypox, but also from the ape Pokémon)


Among other things, it has also commented that some songs (of course, chanted by fans of all ages) broadcast episodes of the series, contain so-called subliminal messages. To name a few are the Poke Rap (assuming that these messages come out in the open to be mentioned inverted the names of the Pokémon monsters) and the melody of Team Rocket, references are heard various profanities, as the Monesvol is not the only God or that Catholicism is the true religion.

he knew that

* Pokémon has a fairly complete list of 493 Pokemons, cataloged and described?
* Ash Ketchup and company are a Russian attempt to control the world?
* Pokémon has become a religion?
* Arceus is the creator of the Pokémons God and is said by his hatred for Monesvol also created this fashion?
* The only good thing about this franchise are their games … and were not mentioned in this article?
* In South Park a chapter where reference is made to these bugs called “Chinpokomon”
* Has a demand to Digimon by 12.3434 million dollars, because pikachu is not Pichamon ??
* 80% of users hate ash tomato sauce and ketchup, the other 10% do not know, loves to 5% and the other 5% does not care ?.
* All characters in the series are made with curvigrafos, rules and coins as you-go-fuck! yu-gi-oh !, and new pokemon left traces of a Down child of 3 years?
* People eat more ketchup for being animé fans?
* Pikachu is not from Earth?
* A cuye created the masturbal?
* Ztella layers sleep is yiglipuf
* Ash began his journey 10 years ago and not her birthday (or grown)?
* Misty has her Talk Show?
* 38.7% of McDonald’s hamburgers are beef Pokemons since 1994?
* Doraemon, the cosmic cat we all know, work in the production of pokemon only 30 episodes and then escaped, in 2000 declared in court that Misty and leaders gym, along with Pikachu raped and toturaron for 127 days, won trial and Karitzumo Tarigashi (series producer and owner of the rights) as indernizaron with 170 million dorlares and since the end of the series of Pokemon, Doraemon has been concerned hunt them his former colleagues (especially pikachu) to sell as raw material for McDondalds.
* Pikachu the already raped everyone, including << insert your name here if you are cute / a >>

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