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Compare Japan to other cultures, and they always have had a tough time fitting in. With their crazy, weird and shocking trends the Japanese actually get into, it’s not too hard to see why everyone considers Japan to be an odd country, while most of the things Japanese do are harmless, including dumb reality shows and crazy town mascots, their beauty and fashion trends are also shocking by most standards.

Snail Slime Facials.

Why not try Japans most famous skin care techniques, Snail Slime facials. This service is offered by nearly every spa center in Japan, because of how popular snails on your face for beauty has become in the country.

Hello Kitty Contacts.

In Japan it’s a huge trend to wear contacts with Hello Kitty on them. The downside is that using these lenses without a prescription can lead to severe eye infection and permanent eye damage.

A Face Belt For The Perfect Smile.

The Japanese are obsessed with having the perfect wide smile, they use a number of techniques to achieve this. The most popular is using a ridiculously looking Koago! Smile Face Belt, which tightens the skin around the cheeks and jawline, no surgery required.

Bird Dropping Facials.

In 2015 it became very popular for women to have Bird Dropping facials done in salons, these treatments are offered for upwards of $250 just to put bird poop on people’s faces.

Lip Enhancer.

Remember the Kylie Jenner lip challenge? For the Japanese this was nothing new, as there is a crazy trend of using the so-called Fullips Lip Enhancer to achieve plumper lips without any need for surgery.

Nose Straightening.

Another craze that is a huge Japanese beauty trend is the painful to wear Hana Tsun Nose straightener, which pushes up the bones and contours of the nose to achieve a sharp and straight nose.

Voice Trainer.

Voice trainers are a huge, people use them in order to achieve the perfect high-pitched voice. This invention claims to help with the breathing and opens up the voice passages so you can achieve a much stronger sound.

Plastic Surgery, Eye Widening.

In Japan people tend to use plastic surgery for the craziest of reasons. The most popular is the so-called eye widening so the Japanese could achieve the eye-stretch that Chinese and Koreans have.

Brainwave Cat Ears.

This crazy Japanse beauty trend the Necomimi Brainwave Cat Ears, which actually move and respond to your brainwaves wich express three emotions Bored, Happy and Interested. Using these people know just how you feel without you even saying anything.

Big Breasts Foods.

This popular Japanese beauty trend is for women in order to achieve better-sized breasts. One of the most popular is the so-called ‘F-Cup’ cookie, which contains Miroestrol, which is quite similar to the hormone estrogen.

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43k shares, 184 points

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